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In Defence of Tabloids

By Sara McConnell “And to you, the press, I say, shame, shame on all of you”.  The words of the coroner at the recent inquest into the suicide of transsexual primary school teacher Lucy Meadows sum up what many people clearly...

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A Lawyer’s Comment on the Leveson Report

By Eric Barendt The Leveson Report provides a compelling case for radical reform of press law and regulation. Only the most hard-hearted of journalists, for whom in Paul McMullan’s words ‘[p]rivacy is for paedos…privacy is evil’...

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A human rights warning on Leveson’s blueprint

A cold shower on Brian Leveson’s blueprint for restraining the British press has come from the secretary-general of the Council of Europe. Thorbjorn Jagland has told the FT “You do not need a new law to say that phone hacking is...

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Donald Trelford comments on phone-hacking

Today’s Parliamentary debate about Rupert Murdoch – “hanging the Great Satan out to dry” was the way one writer put it – was the day of come-uppance that MPs have been eagerly awaiting ever since the newspapers shamed them...

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