The Centre will have a vital role in feeding information to the media, NGOs, and the public – as well as the aspiration and opportunities it will offer to the individual researchers.

Umit Ozturk
(Chairman, Amnesty International Journalists’ Network)

This is definitely something Press Gazette should be supporting. I think there is great scope for investigation into the wider issues and also for raising awareness among journalists

Julie Tomlin
(Deputy Editor, Press Gazette)

I know from first hand how important press freedom is to a healthy society. This is an excellent initiative to address a fundamental aspect of institution-building in free societies.

Chris Huhne MP
(Former MEP, leader-writer The Guardian,business editor The Independent)

I believe an independent and free press is vital to any healthy democracy. Greater study into media freedoms is certainly very welcome. I wish you the best of luck.

Don Foster MP
(Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport)

There is considerable scope for research and work in this area, both within the UK and internationally, and I hope you will receive the necessary backing to move forward with the idea.

Liz Lynne MEP

We have needed such an institution for many years and there probably was never a time when it was needed more than now. I hope it will be a major bastion in helping the media think through the implications of freedom for themselves and to provide mutual support when it is under threat.

David Boyle
(Author of The New Democrat, formerly on editorial staff of CIS Today, member of Downing Street review of volunteering policy)

The Centre is a timely initiative. Domestically, the reputation of the media is suffering because of intense commercial pressures, the temptation to cut corners and lack of proper training. Internationally, there are threats to the freedom of the media on every continent.

David Walter
(Director, First Take Productions Ltd; former correspondent and presenter for BBC, ITN and Channel Four News)

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