July 17, 2012


Professor Jackie Harrison

Chair of CFOM

Jackie Harrison is Professor of Public Communication and Head of the Department of Journalism Studies at the University of Sheffield.

Her current research examines three aspects of the factual media: its architecture and culture; the mediation of civil society and social identity and issues of freedom and standards.

With regard to issues of freedom and standards and her research for CFOM she is concerned with different legal and policy regimes, self regulation and codes of conduct and the concomitant risks of direct (and indirect) censorship; the failures and abuses of news media freedom and declining news standards across the world; the difference between journalism and partisan journalism, investigative news journalism and attack journalism; agenda-setting and modern forms of spin and news manipulation; the blurring of the distinctions between factual reporting and unsubstantiated opinion; the use of user generated content and the wider use of inter-activity between news media and audience or readers and more recently the significance of convergence between conventional press news, TV broadcast news and internet video news.

Jackie has also served as an expert advisor for both the European Commission, The Taiwanese government and for Chinese media companies on the role and future of news and news journalism, the development of media infrastructure and the use of media capital and newsroom convergence.

She has undertaken six funded research projects for the television industry, acted as a consultant to information and communication firms, broadcasters and public sector bodies, was an expert witness on a judicial review of Irish radio licences and have served on several professional journalism committees. She also serves on the editorial board of the community newspaper The Maltby News.

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William Horsley

International Director of CFOM

William Horsley is an experienced journalist who has written and reported extensively on issues of governmental power and the role of the media during more than 30 years of international reporting and analysis. He spent 15 years as a BBC foreign correspondent for TV and Radio correspondent based in Asia and Europe. He is the editor and co-author of Goodbye to Freedom? A Survey of Media Freedom Across Europe (2007), and an updated Survey, Goodbyeto Media Freedom? in February 2008.

From 1998 to 2004 he presented EuropeDirect, BBC TV’s leading programme on European society and politics, on BBCWorld and News 24. He has spoken on international affairs and media issues to the UK Parliament’s research committees, the British Council in Tokyo, the Japan Society and the London School of Economics. Many of his reports are   accessible on the BBC News website www.bbcnews.com.

He is the co-author with Roger Buckley of a popular history of postwar Japan, Nippon: New Superpower (1990) and has published articles in many journals including The Economist, The Listener, The International Herald Tribune, and The Franco-German Forum. He speaks French, German and Japanese.

He is currently the Media Freedom Representative of the international Association of European Journalists and Chair of the AEJ’s UK Section. He works closely  with UNESCO in the UK and the UK Press Freedom Network to organise campaigns for media freedom and to stage a major public debate on topical issues for World Press Freedom Day on May 3rd each year

You can follow William’s work through our International Director’s Blog



Dr Omar Al-Ghazzi


Omar joined the Department of Journalism Studies at the University of Sheffield in September 2015. His academic career began at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon, where he received a BA with distinction in communication arts, with an emphasis on radio, TV and film, and a minor in political science. After his graduation in 2003 he started working for the Al-Hayat Arabic daily website.


Visit Omar’s University of Sheffield staff page.

Dr Dmitry Chernobrov

dmitry-chernobrov-200sqDmitry joined the department as lecturer in 2015 after gaining a PhD in international relations at the University of St Andrews. His doctoral research put forward a psychosocial theory of public perception of international crises. In his work Dmitry shows how instead of describing the event, public interpretation of international crises is largely shaped by self-conceptions, inner insecurities, and memories within collective identity contexts. The project involved interview and media material, and focused on the public understanding of the ‘Arab Spring’ in Russia and the UK.

Visit Dmitry’s University of Sheffield staff page.

Silvia Chocarro Marcesse

Silvia Chocarro Marcesse is a consultant on freedom of expression and media development issues for international organizations and NGOs. She is currently consulting for IFEX and the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA). From 2013 to 2017 she was the US Correspondent for Radio France Internationale (RFI) – Spanish Service –where she covered the latest US elections. From 2009 to 2013, she worked at UNESCO where she participated in the development of the UN Plan of Action on The Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity. This work was the basis for her PhD dissertation entitled The Promotion of the Safety of Journalists: the Role of the United Nations from 1945 to 2014. After obtaining her PhD in 2016, she has continued to write about journalist safety, for example for the CFOM blog.

In a career that has spanned more than 15 years, Silvia has managed media development projects; has worked as a freelance journalist in Spain, Mexico and the Balkans and has been a guest lecturer and a trainer. Silvia is also the editor of Women in the Communication World: Voices and Insights from Women (Icaria Editorial, 2007) and has contributed to nearly a dozen publications.

David Holmes


David read Law at the London School of Economics before joining the Sheffield Morning Telegraph newspaper as an editor after which he worked for BBC Radio. He subsequently worked as a senior bi-media editor in BBC radio and television. David co-ordinates and monitors social media relating to violations of media freedom and pluralism for CFOM and has developed a social media strategy both for CFOM and for the Department of Journalism Studies.  He is also a member of CFOM’s curriculum development strategy team.

Visit David’s University of Sheffield staff  page.


Dr Irini Katsirea


Dr Irini Katsirea is Reader in International Media Law at the University of Sheffield. She joined the Department of Journalism Studies in September 2015. Before her appointment at the University of Sheffield, Irini was Senior Lecturer in Law at Middlesex University, London. She has served as Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and is a member of the Athens Bar. She holds a First Examination in Law from the Free University of Berlin, an LLM in European and International Trade Law from the University of Leicester and a PhD from Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Visit Irini’s University of Sheffield staff page.

Professor Marie Kinsey


Marie is a former award winning financial journalist who has worked for the BBC, Radio London and Capital Radio. She was Deputy Financial Editor at IRN/LBC, Thames TV as co-presenter and reporter on The City Programme Thames TV then moved back to LBC to present The Business Programme. In 1991 she became one of the BBC’s first regional bi-media business and industry correspondents. She also worked on other BBC business programmes on Radio 4 and 5 live including Wake up to Money and Financial World Tonight. Since moving to the University of Sheffield Marie has specialised in Journalism Education and Training (and developing online resources – MOOCS) and was the Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching for the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is also a member of CFOM’s curriculum development strategy team.

Visit Marie’s University of Sheffield staff page.


Sacha Meuter

DW Sacha MeuterSacha Meuter has explored the normative framework of UN media using the tools of interdisciplinary socio-legal studies. He has worked within several research institutions, at the law faculty of the University of Fribourg, at the University of Glasgow under the direction of Prof. Nicholas Tsagourias, and with the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP) at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford.

Sacha Meuter has been collaborating as legal advisor and researcher with Fondation Hirondelle for the last ten years. Fondation Hirondelle is the only organization with such a long experience developing media in partnership with UN peace operations. In this quality, Sacha Meuter has notably participated in the evolution of the legal architecture of UN radio stations in DRC and South Sudan, both set up in partnership with Fondation Hirondelle. He has been working with the UN missions in those countries and the UN headquarters in New York.


Dr Stef Pukallus

Co-Director of Research, CFOM

Stef’s research interests are two-fold: (1) She specialises in how the European Community has developed and publicly communicated civil values and policies since 1951 in an attempt to stimulate and facilitate the emergence of a European civil society; (2) She is also interested in comparative approaches to media freedom and how it is politically, culturally, legally, socially and institutionally challenged across the world. With Jackie Harrison she currently undertakes research into the Politics of Impunity and into the scope, implementation and relevance of the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity as regards local contexts.

Visit Stef’s University of Sheffield staff page.

Dr Lada Trifonova Price


Lada is a former journalist – she has worked as a reporter, radio presenter and foreign correspondent for the Bulgarian section of the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle in Washington DC. After five years working in the United States Lada joined the Department of Journalism Studies as a part-time postgraduate student in 2007. She was awarded a PhD in 2013 and appointed University Teaching Associate in 2014. Lada is a seminar leader, lecturer and a post-doctoral scholar at the Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM), based in the department.

Lada is interested in post-communist media landscape transformation and changing journalistic culture in Eastern Europe. So far her work has examined journalists’ perceptions and understanding of media change in Bulgaria. Her current research interests are focused around two themes: 1) the increasing migration of journalists from traditional media outlets to online blogs, community forums and websites, due to deteriorating media freedom in post-EU-accession countries such as Bulgaria and Romania; 2) the scope of civic participation of journalists during times of recent social upheaval and changes in traditional journalistic roles brought on by the growing popularity of social media and the spread of digital technology. Through her work at CFOM, Lada is also interested in the effect of political interference, violence and impunity on journalistic practice.

Professor Karl Taylor

Karl-TaylorKarl graduated from Staffordshire University with BA Economics, then gained his MA Economics from Staffordshire and PhD in Economics from the Open University under joint supervision with Cardiff University. He worked at the University of Leicester from 2001 to 2005, where he was initially a Lecturer before being promoted to a Senior Lecturer. Karl was initially appointed to a Readership in September 2005 at the University of Sheffield and was subsequently promoted to a Personal Chair in January 2009.

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Sara Torsner

Photo Sara TorsnerSara began her PhD studies with the Department of Journalism Studies in September 2015. Her PhD focuses on the design and structure of Journalism Safety Trends data sets, which identify hostile environments inimical to free journalism at the national and regional level. The project is a collaboration between the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the Centre for Freedom of the Media. Since completing her MA in political science at Uppsala University in Sweden, Sara has worked as a freelancing journalist and with engagements for press freedom organizations.

Visit Sara’s University Page

Professor Nicholas Tsagourias

Nicholas Tsagourias is Professor of International Law at the University of Sheffield. He joined the University in 2012 from the University of Glasgow where he was Professor of International Law and Security. He completed his law studies at the University of Thessaloniki in Greece, obtaining an LL.M. from the University of Bristol and a Ph.D from the University of Nottingham.

His research interests are in the fields of international law and the use of force, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, collective security law, peacekeeping, United Nations Law, international and European constitutional theory and law and he is widely published in these fields.

Visit Nicholas’ University of Sheffield staff page.



Clare Burke

Administration and Communications Support

Louise Delmege

Graduate Intern 2015-2016 (CFOM communications)



Professor Maurice Roche

Professor Herman Wasserman

Professor Lorna Woods

Nick Jones




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