November 16, 2016


The Aims of JSRN

We welcome our diverse members to this global network. We share a common research interest, concern or engagement with the safety of journalists, the issue of impunity and the promotion of free and independent journalism. We believe in journalism in all its forms that is accountable and carried out with respect for accuracy, honesty and professional ethics, and in the development of trustworthy, independent and free media, which enable people to make informed choices about their lives and the world around them, and to participate fully in civil and political life. To this end we would encourage members:

  1. To contribute to a shared space on the Journalism Safety Research Network, which develops through the sharing of  ideas, policy proposals and wider suggestions for understanding and addressing the complex issues associated with journalism safety.
  2. To contribute to the development of research collaborations and innovation by sharing and revisiting ideas and critically reflecting upon them.
  1. To come together when possible through conferences, seminars and workshops.
  1. To share our own publications, reviews, conference reports and other relevant material across the Journalism Safety Network on a voluntary basis.
  1. To contribute by invitation to CFOM publications.
  1. To act as advocates on behalf of media workers who are or have been subject to violence and intimidation, to provide intellectual and moral and all other forms of support for media workers who have been unjustly treated.
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