The EU referendum and the Country of Origin principle (COO): a look back at some fallacies of the case for Brexit that were made during the campaign

      This piece was first published as a contribution in D. Jackson et al. EU Referendum Analysis  http://www.referendumanalysis.eu/ Irini Katsirea, Reader in International Media Law, Centre for Freedom of the Media, University of Sheffield. The debate about the EU referendum has been polarised, the Remain camp stressing the risks of Brexit, the Leave camp arguing[…]


Research on Journalists’ Safety Central to Enhancing the Right to Know

CFOM will be sending 3 members to the upcoming Helsinki research conference for World Press Freedom Day. Our Chair Jackie Harrison, writes about the importance of this event. Professor Jackie Harrison Access to information either as a journalist, or as a citizen through the products of journalism, lies in the crossfire of what Michael Schudson[…]


Press Regulation in an Era of Convergence

The post was originally published on the LSE Media Policy Project Blog, and has been republished with permission. Read the original here.   Irini Katsirea, Reader in International Media Law at the University of Sheffield explains the position of the electronic press under the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, and the implications of the New Media[…]


Commission should invoke Article 7 when media freedom is trampled

This article was originally posted here and has been reposted with the permission of the authors.  It is time for the European Commission to make sure that the EU lives up to its Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Treaty on European Union (TEU), write Professor Jackie Harrison and Dr Stef Pukallus.   Of course there[…]


The dynamics of impunity – Guest Think Piece from Iakovos Iakovidis

Iakovos Iakovidis is a Greek diplomat who has served in China and in the Permanent Missions of Greece to the EU and to the UN, where, among other, he initiated the discussion on the safety of journalists in the General Assembly, which led to the first ever UNGA Resolution on the topic”. ‘In this post,[…]


Think pieces by leading commentators

“Euro elections: newspaper websites break new ground in challenging radio and television” (PDF ) By Nicholas Jones 15.6.2009 Political journalism: the perils of writing to a pre-determined agenda. (PDF) Nicholas Jones 2.1.2009 ) William Horsley – article for The World Today (PDF) Chatham House’s monthly journal Masha Lipman – Constraints on freedom of the Russian[…]

Keynote speech by Judge Sanjo Mmasenono Monageng, First Vice-President of the International Criminal Court

  Posted on 9 April 2014 on www.cfom.org Can the ICC offer legal protection to targeted journalists? Read the full text of Judge Monageng’s speech to the Symposium here On April 7 2014, Judge Sanji Mmasenono Monageng spoke at the BBC-CFOM Symposium on the protection of journalists and the issue of impunity held at BBC[…]