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Ingoma Nshya and its Endeavour For Peace

Music has always been seen as having the potential to facilitate cross-cultural communication, understanding, reconciliation and healing. It is also in this way that it has been used in Rwanda to encourage the population to overcome feelings of resentment brought about by the Rwandan genocide of 1994. 

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Star Radio: A peacebuilding project in post-conflict Liberia

Star Radio was established by Fondation Hirondelle in Liberia after the first civil war in 1997 as a public service radio station that advocated for peace, good governance and development. However, due to its financial struggles, Star Radio went off-air in 2010 (Fondation Hirondelle).

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Art in Peacebuilding: the Tree of Life in Mozambique

AfricaFocus (2005) states that “the Tree of Life” is a three-meter-high sculpture created and completed by four Mozambican artists. The statue is made entirely from weapons captured after the Mozambique Civil War. The guns were collected by an innovative project called “Transforming Weapons into Tools”, which encourages people to exchange old weapons for equipment such as sewing machines, bicycles and building materials.

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