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Join the HCPB’s UN Media event on 20 April at 5pm UK time

Join us for our next Hub event on UN media on 20 April, 5-7pm UK time! It is organised and coordinated by Dr. Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob (Department of International Studies, Dickinson College, USA and of course member of our Hub and the sub-unit RUNMAPP) who will also act as the moderator of the event. 

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Recording of our HCPB event ‘Street art and murals in peacebuilding’ now available

The Hub for the Study of Hybrid Communication in Peacebuilding (HCPB) hosted a virtual session on street art and mutrals in peacebuilding on 16 March. Our session will feature exciting presentations by two of our Hub members.

Birte Vogel, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (UoM), will give a paper entitled ‘Money over message? A political economy perspective of street art in conflict-affected societies’ which explores in how far livelihood considerations and funding implications impact on artistic freedom and messaging.

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Developing the Media Sector in Peacebuilding Contexts

The role of media in peacebuilding environments is critical, yet difficult to put in practice and to be coordinated. How could journalists and media houses they work for be better equipped to report in a way that enhances the prospects of peacebuilding?

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Graphic novels: Drawing on peacebuilding

Fair laws and legitimate, accessible, effective legal institutions are crucial to peacebuilding. They define appropriate social behaviour, protect rights, limit power, and hold accountable those who abuse it. Laws and legal institutions provide frameworks and mechanisms for non-violent dispute resolution and address underlying grievances. They prevent the re-emergence of violent conflict, further reconciliation and incentivise peaceful collaboration.

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