Academics urged to study safety of journalists

Originally published here. Republished with permission.  A group of 40 researchers took part in a UNESCO workshop held this week at the 2016 conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research at the University of Leicester, UK. The occasion also served to publicise a new network for sharing knowledge projects about the safety[…]


Helsinki Research Conference – Media Freedom Network

Running alongside the World Press Freedom Day conference in Helsinki was the first World Press Freedom Day Research conference, organised in part by CFOM. The conference was attended by more than 50 academics from across the globe. The aim was to discuss and share research and ultimately to form a new academic research network that[…]


What’s the point of World Press Freedom Day?

William Horsley, International Director of CFOM This year’s commemorations of World Press Freedom Day from May 2-4 in Helsinki attracted a record 1,100 press freedom activists, journalists, international officials and others. The event was practical and focused on seeking solutions to urgent threats and problems, including whistle-blower and source protection, the new frontiers of disinformation[…]


Research on Journalists’ Safety Central to Enhancing the Right to Know

CFOM will be sending 3 members to the upcoming Helsinki research conference for World Press Freedom Day. Our Chair Jackie Harrison, writes about the importance of this event. Professor Jackie Harrison Access to information either as a journalist, or as a citizen through the products of journalism, lies in the crossfire of what Michael Schudson[…]


CFOM will send 3 members to the Helsinki 2016 World Press Freedom Day Research Conference, 3-4th May

According to UNESCO, at least 800 journalists and media producers have been killed in the last 10 years. This threat to the physical safety and security of journalists, their families and their media is the most direct threat to media freedom. Journalists need to be recognised and protected as vital to one of our most fundamental form[…]


Stop the killing of journalists! Prevention and justice to End Impunity

London Event: Stop the killing of journalists! Prevention and justice to end impunity On 2 November 2015 the first major event to be held the UK to mark International day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists took place in the Houses of Parliament. Prominent journalists, international lawyers, NGOs and policy-makers focused on the realities of[…]


Strasbourg Seminar and Inter-regional dialogue on safety of journalists and impunity

  Enforcing and Upgrading Legal Protections for Journalists 3 November 2014, Monday: European Court of Human Rights Building, Strasbourg, organised by the Council of Europe, CFOM, UNESCO and the European Lawyers Union. Marking the 2 November UN ‘International Day to end Impunity for Crimes against Journalists’, this Seminar and Inter-Regional Dialogue addresses the urgent need to[…]


October 2012: CFOM and the BBC co-host “unique” meeting of global news media to tackle rise in violence against journalists

  20 October 2012  The Centre for Freedom of the Media and the BBC College of Journalism jointly hosted a Symposium on Media Responses to Matters of Life and Death on 18 October in the BBC’s new London Headquarters at New Broadcasting House. Senior figures from leading international media titles mostly set aside scepticism about[…]

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Making the Protection of Journalists a Reality

Making the Protection of Journalists a Reality: Time to End Impunity Journalism in danger: London Symposium on Journalists’ Safety considers strategies to counteract anti-media violence. On 7 April 2014 the BBC and CFOM co-hosted a conference at the BBC’s Broadcasting House. In “Making the Protection of Journalists a Reality: Time to end Impunity”. Sixty international media[…]

Reporters under threat: A discussion of when democracies attack the press

CFOM is hosting a panel talk based on Chris Paterson’s new book ‘Reporters under Threat:
A discussion of when democracies attack the press’ (Pluto Press) 17th November 2014, 5pm The panel will include: • Chris Paterson (School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds, and is a former television news photographer) • Professor Jackie[…]