The new normal of journalism: Assume you’re being watched

May 6th, 2015,

  It’s a happy week for the people of Latvia. They are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their independence from the Soviet Union, which was declared on 4 May 1990. That date signalled the lifting of decades of Soviet-style censorship and totalitarianism. So it is fitting that this year the capital, Riga, also played host […]

Charlie Hebdo murders mean journalism just got more dangerous

January 9th, 2015,


UN marks ‘deadliest decade’ for journalist deaths

November 4th, 2014,

  This week the world has turned a spotlight on journalists. Not for the stories they break every day, but for the rising death toll among those who risk their lives to get the story out. The United Nations says more than 700 journalists have died in the past 10 years because of their work, making […]

Europe must confront Russia’s propaganda machine

August 18th, 2014,

  Ukraine conflict shows Europe’s weakness for Moscow’s propaganda   The Kremlin’s use of disinformation has been laid bare after the shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane on 17 July. Europeans must confront the grotesque propaganda machine on which President Putin’s authoritarian rule depends, William Horsley writes. Europe may at last understand that […]

Pakistani journalist murder attempt flags a wider struggle for press freedom

April 25th, 2014,

Committee of Ministers decides on radical measures to protect journalists’ work

January 28th, 2014,

  William Horsley wrote on the Association of European Journalists website

Council of Europe declares fresh efforts to safeguard citizens against mass surveillance and protect bloggers and journalists

November 13th, 2013,

Monitoring of media freedom violations is a ‘blind spot’ for the Council of Europe

November 13th, 2013,


An unholy mixture: surveillance, the law and a setback for journalism

September 3rd, 2013,


Turkey protests are also a showdown for the media

June 23rd, 2013,

  Tuesday 18 June 2013 Published on BBC Academy College of Journalism Blog June 2013 may go down as the month when Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan lost the image of political invincibility that helped him to win three landslide elections and mould the country in his image. If so, he may well blame […]