Pakistani journalist murder attempt flags a wider struggle for press freedom

April 25th, 2014,

Committee of Ministers decides on radical measures to protect journalists’ work

January 28th, 2014,

  William Horsley wrote on the Association of European Journalists website

Council of Europe declares fresh efforts to safeguard citizens against mass surveillance and protect bloggers and journalists

November 13th, 2013,

Monitoring of media freedom violations is a ‘blind spot’ for the Council of Europe

November 13th, 2013,


An unholy mixture: surveillance, the law and a setback for journalism

September 3rd, 2013,


Turkey protests are also a showdown for the media

June 23rd, 2013,

  Tuesday 18 June 2013 Published on BBC Academy College of Journalism Blog June 2013 may go down as the month when Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan lost the image of political invincibility that helped him to win three landslide elections and mould the country in his image. If so, he may well blame […]

A human rights warning on Leveson’s blueprint

December 9th, 2012,

Journalists’ safety and impunity: the UN calls on journalists to help stop the killing of journalists

October 5th, 2011,

CFOM International Director William Horsley writes on BBC College of Journalism site.

A Ten-point London Guide to journalism’s chances of survival

April 6th, 2010,

What lies ahead for this endangered species: a slow death? a rapid death? a glorious future? or re-incarnation in new forms on the net?

Reporting barriers in East and West – subtle, obvious, sometimes fatal. How media freedom shapes politics everywhere

February 1st, 2010,

Spending ten days in East Asia prompts me to these thoughts about the variety of methods that governments and other powerful forces employ to stop journalists from reporting things they are determined to suppress. It’s the same the whole world over.